Chromium-6 Neutralizer TK20

Neutralizer - TK20
for surface contaminations on metals

This liquid (0.5 L) neutralizes and removes chromium-6 in surface contaminations on metals. The liquid can be applied on the metal by for example a cloth or a sprayer. It is also possible to immerse small parts in this liquid, such as nuts and bolts. After the cleaning of the metal, the TK11 test kit can be used to test whether the chromium-6 has been removed.

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TK20 Chromium-6 Neutralizer

Chromium-6 contamination on heated steel

Chromium-6-containing compounds can form on heated chromium-containing steel, such as stainless steel. These metals are often part of a machine and are heated by themselves when the machine is in operation. Think, for example, of parts of a ship's engine, turbine or windmill. Chromium-6 contamination often occurs as a result of a reaction of lubricants with steel during heating. These compounds are toxic and must be removed before any maintenance can take place.

The formed chromium-6 compounds can often be recognized by a white/green dusty layer on the metal. This layer is often present in the places where (anti-seize) lubricants have been used, such as on nuts and bolts.

Using the TK11® MATinspired Chromium-6 Detection Test Kit you can easily test whether there is a chromium-6 contamination on steel. If chromium-6 compound is detected, it can be neutralized with the TK20 Chromium-6 Neutralizer.


Before treatment:

Example of a bolt with chromium-6
contamination. This contamination can
be recognized by its white or green colour.
The test swab of the TK11 Chromium-6
Detection Test Kit is purple, indicating that
chromium-6 is present.

After treatment with Chromium-6 Neutralizer:

Example of a bolt from which the chromium-6
contamination has been removed/neutralized
using the TK20 Chromium-6 Neutralizer liquid.
The test swab of the TK11 Chromium-6 Test Kit
is orange, indicating that chromium-6 is
no longer present.

How the TK20 Chromium-6 Neutralizer works

When the TK20 neutralizer liquid is applied to the metal, the chromium-6 present will be converted to the non-toxic chromium-3. This is also known as a reduction reaction.

Although this product have been compiled with the utmost care, MATinspired B.V. cannot be held liable for damage that results from the use of or contact with the product. We cannot guarantee that this solution will reduce/remove/neutralize all chromium-6 from the residues.