Create a safe working environment
with our test kits


Detection Test Kit - TK11™

for surface contamination, dust particles, coatings and paint layers 

Chromium-6 can be harmful to human health and the environment. With this kit you can test the presence of chromium-6 in paint layers, coatings, surface contamination, dust particles or other materials. Using the kit will produce fast, safe and reliable results, that can help you to make sure that your materials are safe and that can avoid damage claims.

TK11 MATinspired Chromium 6 Detection Test Kit

Identify and detect chemical substances
quickly and safely by yourself

Create a safe working environment by using the test kits to identify and detect various (toxic) substances.
Because of the diversity of test kits that you can use by yourself at any time,
we contribute to a safe working environment and a cleaner world.


Testing safely by yourself

Delivery within and outside Europe

Continuous development in-house

Make sure you always have a test kit at hand.
Then you will have the test results directly available without the intervention of an external laboratory.
Moreover, you can take the necessary measures more quickly to work safely.

Niels Kuijpers

About MATinspired 

MATinspired B.V. is supplier of various quick-tests. We supply high quality test kits and have a lot of knowledge of materials and toxic substances to be able to continuously improve the products. We develop the test kits in-house. In this way we have the development process and the quality control in our own hands.

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