303 Stainless Steel Identification Test Kit– TK14


303 Stainless Steel
Identification Test Kit - TK14

This test kit allows you to easily identify 303 stainless steel: if you have a 303 stainless steel the test will give a clear black result.

You can perform about 30 tests with this test kit. One test takes only two minutes.


You can easily and quickly test whether your stainless steel is type 303 or an other type such as 304: when your stainless steel is type 303, the test gives a clear black discolouration. This discolouration is caused by the presence of sulphur in 303 stainless steel. With for example 304 (or 316), the test remains white because it does not contain sulphur.

Background of 303 stainless steel

303 stainless steel is very suitable for machining due to the addition of the element sulphur. However, sulphur does have an adverse effect on formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. 304 (and 316) stainless steel contains no sulphur. As a result, 304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and is easy to weld.

303 Stainless Steel Identification Test Kit - TK14

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