Lead Detection Test Kit - TK08



Detection Test Kit - TK08
for various materials such as paint layers, electronics and metals

Lead (Pb) can be harmful to human health and the environment. With this kit you can easily test the presence of lead in paint layers, coatings, metals, soldering, electronics, water pipes and other materials. If the swab turns red, it indicates the presence of lead in the tested material. Using the kit will produce fast, safe and reliable results, that can help you to make sure that your materials are safe.

This test kit contains 50 lead test swabs.
The test kit is supplied with a test sample and English manual and safety data sheets. Manuals and safety data sheets of other languages can be downloaded using the QR code provided.

TK08EN MATinsired Lead Detection Test Kit

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Testing of a paint layer for the presence of lead

  • Make a few cuts into the paint layer. Lightly sand the layer.
  • Moisten the end of the cotton swab with test liquid.
  • Rub the cotton swab onto the paint layer.
  • If the layer contains lead, the cotton swab will turn red. If no lead is present in the material, the cotton swab will remain yellow.


Testing of electronics

In addition, you can test if soldered (tin) connections in your electronics are lead-free. If the swab turns red, this indicates the presence of lead.


Although this product has been compiled with the utmost care, MATinspired B.V. cannot be held liable for damage that results from the use of or contact with the product. This measurement method is only an indication, and MATinspired B.V. is not responsible for the test results.

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