Chloride Detection Test – TK21


Detection Test (Silver Nitrate Test) - TK21
for the detection of sea salt or road salt residues on metal

This test allows you to detect traces of salt on your metal. This salt can, for example, come from seawater or road salt. Salt often leads to accelerated corrosion/rusting of metals, which can therefore lead to significant damage to metal products.

With this dropper bottle (15 ml) you can perform approximately 100 tests.


How to perform this test

The test is simple. Using the dropper bottle, you can apply a few drops of the silver nitrate solution to any type of metal. If chlorides are present – such as sea salt or road salt – the solution will react with them and produce a milky white colour.


Some applications of this test

With this test you can, for example, check the empty cargo space of seagoing vessels for seawater residues –i.e. residues of sea salt. This way you can prevent new shipments of metal from being contaminated with seawater, which can lead to rust and damage. It is therefore recommended to always have this chloride detection test (silver nitrate test) on board.

In addition, you can use this test to check, for example, whether salt residues are present on the supplied metal. For example, sea salt or road salt may have ended up on the metal during transport.



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